Announcing: The 2024 State of Open Source Report

2024 State of OSS

Brussels, February 1, 2024 โ€“ Today, the results of the annual Open Source survey conducted by OpenLogic by Perforce in collaboration with the OSI and the Eclipse Foundation were shared in the 2024 State of Open Source Report.ย 

The 2024 State of Open Source Report sheds light on the factors driving Open Source Software (OSS) adoption, the most in-demand Open Source technologies, and the difficulties that teams using OSS most frequently encounter. Also covered in the report is support and planning for end-of-life (EOL) or soon-to-be EOL software.

More than 2,000 open source users working across numerous industries all over the world answered more than two dozen questions about the use and support of OSS by their organizations, from large enterprises to early-stage startups.

Open Source practitioners and IT leadership alike should find the report enlightening. Three things in particular struck interest for me:

  • OpenTofu already has 30% of the users as Terraform
  • OpenSearch has 50% of the users of ElasticSearch
  • OSI is the third organization by donor ๐Ÿ™‚ after Linux Foundation and Apache Software Foundation! We made a lot of progress folks!

Also of interest is rapid growth in the AI/ML/DL space, both in the data itself and the concurrent investment in Open Source data technologies. OSI has been on a mission to establish a Definition of Open Source AI, so this trend is something weโ€™re watching closely.ย 

Thank you to Perforce and the Eclipse Foundation for the production of this valuable resource. Please share the 2024 State of Open Source Report far and wide!ย 

I will be participating in a webinar along with Perforce Open Source Evangelist Javier Perez and Eclipse Foundation Director of Product Marketing Clark Roundy, on February 22nd. Register here and continue to support Open Source and be a part of the conversation!

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