How to recruit the experts in support of KM

The Experts can sometimes be resistant to KM, seeing it as a threat or a burden, with little personal reward. How can we address this? Image from wikimedia commons Many clients we speak to are having real problems recruiting the expert knowledge holders to the concept of Knowledge Management. Even in

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Shared by Nick Milton September 13, 2019

Win or lose, you should always learn

People often make a big thing about learning from failure, but learning from success is just as important, and can often be overlooked. Crossroads by Chris Potter on Flickr and The impetus to revisit this topic came from a one-liner post on LinkedIn by Oleg Vishnepolsky reading “Sometimes I win,

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Shared by Nick Milton September 11, 2019

What is the nature of Knowledge Management?

Is KM a Science? Is KM a Philosophy? No – it’s a Management Discipline. And here is why that is a useful viewpoint. I have met many people over the years who treat Knowledge Management as something entirely unique – a philosophy, almost, or a “world-view”. For these people, there

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Shared by Nick Milton September 10, 2019

Watch confirmation bias in action

Confirmation Bias is one of the most pernicious cognitive biases, and is a major challenge to Knowledge Management. See it in action below. Confirmation bias is a powerful cognitive bias, which means that people Tend to select evidence that supports what they already believe, and   Set up tests that confirm

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Shared by Nick Milton September 9, 2019

Tracking the throughput of your private labeling team through Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

Launched at AWS re:Invent 2018, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth helps you quickly build highly accurate training datasets for your machine learning models. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth offers easy access to public and private human labelers, and provides them with built-in workflows and interfaces for common labeling tasks. Additionally, Amazon SageMaker

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning September 6, 2019