How to identify a knowledge "near miss"

In organisational safety management, they identify a “near miss” as evidence that safety practices need to be improved.  We can do the same in knowledge management. Image from I have often used Safety Management as a useful analogue for KM, and here’s another good crossover idea. In safety management

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Shared by Nick Milton November 15, 2019

Why a Performance Culture drives KM

KM requires a learning culture, and motivation to learn comes from motivation to improve.  That’s why KM thrives in a high-performance culture, where people are not content with existing performance, and actively seek new knowledge that will help them perform even better. Image from Air Force photo/Samuel King Jr This

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Shared by Nick Milton November 8, 2019

How to find a KM analogue you can learn from

In Knoco, we very often have clients contact us and ask something like “do you have any examples of successful Knowledge Management in the Canadian farm machinery manufacturing business? The answer to such a detailed question is almost always No.   Although we have 20 years experience in working Knowledge Management,

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Shared by Nick Milton November 7, 2019