Leaders are knowledge workers too

We often approach leaders and try to sell KM on the benefits it will deliver to their staff, forgetting that leaders are knowledge workers too. The Manager by MaxTortt on Flickr If we think of knowledge workers are “people who make decisions for a living”, then managers and leaders are

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Shared by Nick Milton July 26, 2021

Smart city traffic anomaly detection using Amazon Lookout for Metrics and Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Studio

Cities across the world are transforming their public services infrastructure with the mission of enhancing the quality of life of its residents. Roads and traffic management systems are part of the central nervous system of every city. They need intelligent monitoring and automation in order to prevent substantial productivity loss

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning July 22, 2021

Prepare and clean your data for Amazon Forecast

You might use traditional methods to forecast future business outcomes, but these traditional methods are often not flexible enough to account for varying factors, such as weather or promotions, outside of the traditional time series data considered. With the advancement of machine learning (ML) and the elasticity that the AWS

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning July 21, 2021