Talkdesk and AWS: What AI and speech-to-text mean for the future of contact centers and a better customer experience

This is a guest post authored by Ben Rigby, the VP, Global Head of Product & Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Talkdesk. Talkdesk broadens contact center machine learning capabilities with AWS Contact Center Intelligence. At Talkdesk, we’re driven to reduce friction in the customer journey. Whether that’s surfacing

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning February 24, 2021

Training, debugging and running time series forecasting models with the GluonTS toolkit on Amazon SageMaker

Time series forecasting is an approach to predict future data values by analyzing the patterns and trends in past observations over time. Organizations across industries require time series forecasting for a variety of use cases, including seasonal sales prediction, demand forecasting, stock price forecasting, weather forecasting, financial planning, and inventory

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning February 19, 2021

7 routes to knowledge acquisition

Sometimes your organisation needs to acquire new knowledge, new know-how or new capability. Here are 7 ways to approach this. Knowledge Acquisition is a core component of Knowledge Management. ISO 30401:2018 recognises this, and requires compliant organisations to include Knowledge Acquisition as part of the Knowledge lifecycle (Acquisition, Utilisation, Retention,

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Shared by Nick Milton February 19, 2021