Enabling healthcare access from home: Electronic Caregiver’s AWS-powered virtual caregiver  

When Electronic Caregiver’s founder and CEO, Anthony Dohrmann, started the company a decade ago, he was reacting to a difficult situation faced by 100 million Americans and countless individuals globally: the challenge of managing health treatment for chronic diseases. “Patients are often confused about their care instructions and non-adherence with

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning July 26, 2019

Know-how – the primary focus for KM?

There are two primary types of knowledge which we tend to manage – Know-How and Know-What. Of the two, Know-how is more the natural focus for KM. The Knowledge Management arena is a very confused place to be, and different people, different countries and different industries see Knowledge Management, and

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Shared by Nick Milton July 25, 2019

Analysis of a strategic KM role description

This post is an analysis of a KM role description, taken from a recent job vacancy, identifying the core elements of a strategic KM leadership role. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC The job vacancy appeared last week on LinkedIn, and is for a Knowledge Management

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Shared by Nick Milton July 24, 2019

Quantified KM value example number 127

In this job advertisement, found on LinkedIn, we find an example of quantified value delivery from KM. Image from wikimedia commons The job advertisement, posted a week ago, is for a “KM Manager” for Shell, based in the Hague, who will run KM for Shell’s Projects and Technology business. It

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Shared by Nick Milton July 23, 2019

3 reasons why people don’t share knowledge

A recent article from HBR identifies three reasons why people don’t share knowledge.  Image from meco 6925 on Flickr There are many reasons why people don’t seek or share knowledge; the 3 most basic being that they don’t think of it, they don’t know how, or they don’t want to

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Shared by Nick Milton July 22, 2019