Amazon Comprehend now supports multi-label custom classification

Amazon Comprehend is a fully managed natural language processing (NLP) service that enables text analytics to extract insights from the content of documents. Amazon Comprehend supports custom classification and enables you to build custom classifiers that are specific to your requirements, without the need for any ML expertise. Previously, custom classification

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning January 30, 2020

A useful matrix for mapping senior stakeholders

We know that senior level support for Knowledge Management remains the greatest challenge for KM, and that once established, it is by far the greatest enabler. But how do you gain this support? My Knoco South Africa colleague Ian Corbett uses the matrix shown here to identify areas where KM

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Shared by Nick Milton January 30, 2020

NeurIPS competition tackles climate data challenges

The Earth’s climate is a highly complex, dynamic system. It is difficult to understand and predict how different climate variables interact. Finding causal relations in climate research today relies mostly on expensive and time-consuming model simulations. Fortunately, with the explosion in the availability of large-scale climate data and increasing computational

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning January 22, 2020