Why receptivity is so important to innovation

Innovation happens only when inspiration hits the receptive mind. You can’t manage inspiration, but you can manage receptivity. Image by Ronda Del Boccio, on Flickr All knowledge creation activities are based around approaches to helping people to move outside their boxes, and open their minds; on helping them to be

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Shared by Nick Milton June 25, 2019

How collecting knowledge supports connecting people

The two Knowledge Management strategies of Socialisation and Codification (sometimes called Connecting and Collecting) are often seen as polar opposites. They aren’t.  Image from wikimedia commons Connecting and collecting are often cited as alternative KM strategies – as if they were distinct and separate. They are more like Yin and

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Shared by Nick Milton June 24, 2019

Implementing KM through 6 decisions

Implementing Knowledge Management into an organisation will not happen accidentally. It happens by a deliberate decision. Or rather, it happens by a series of decisions. Very few CEOs will wake up one morning and announce that the organisation will now be adopting Knowledge Management. Instead, like any other change, implementation

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Shared by Nick Milton June 21, 2019