This blog is 10 years old this month

It struck me recently that this blog is now 10 years old

tenth birthday cake
tenth birthday cake, by normanack on Flickr

The first ever post was in January 2009, and since then I have written 2500 posts – an average of about one per working day. Sure there is some repetition, and often I rework or repost old blog posts, but I generally bring them up to date with new linkages or new developments, plus a good luvel of brand new stuff too.

In that first post I proposed a definition of Knowledge management as “Managing as if knowledge mattered”, and last last year the new ISO definition of KM was published – “knowledge management – management with regard to knowledge” – which I think is close enough!

Over those 10 years, two posts really stand out, with tens of thousands of hits

No other post gets anywhere near these two, even though many have had thousands of views. The vision post was updated later in my 2007 post KM vision statements, numbers 16 to 45. Number 37 is so simple, it’s elegant!

One of the advantages of blogging is that it gets your ideas down in recorded form, and I have reworked many of my blog posts into my two recent books:

So anyway – a small anniversary representing 10 years of sharing what I know with all of you, I hope it has been worth it!

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