How AI can strengthen digital security

Favorite We’re launching the AI Cyber Defense Initiative to help transform cybersecurity and use AI to reverse the dynamic known as the “Defender’s Dilemma” View Original Source ( Here.

MobileDiffusion: Rapid text-to-image generation on-device

Favorite Posted by Yang Zhao, Senior Software Engineer, and Tingbo Hou, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Core ML Text-to-image diffusion models have shown exceptional capabilities in generating high-quality images from text prompts. However, leading models feature billions of parameters and are consequently expensive to run, requiring powerful desktops or servers (e.g.,

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Shared by Google AI Technology January 31, 2024

New ways to search in 2024

Favorite We’re launching Circle to Search and an AI-powered multisearch experience to help you search even more naturally. View Original Source ( Here.

Circle (or highlight or scribble) to Search

Favorite Circle to Search is a new way to search what’s on your screen without switching apps, available on select premium Android smartphones. View Original Source ( Here.