Converting your content to audio for free with Trinity Audio WordPress plugin

This is a guest post by Ron Jaworski, co-founder and CEO of Trinity Audio. In their own words, “Trinity Audio is an audio content solution platform that caters to publishers and content creators of all types and sizes worldwide, and helps them join the ongoing audio revolution by turning readers into listeners, creating the experience modern audiences are expecting today.”

Audio content consumption is growing at a rapid rate. Today, more publishers and content creators are looking to audio as an alternative offering to their customers. Trinity Audio uses Amazon Polly, which provides an audio option with an easy plug-and-play solution. Amazon Polly turns text into lifelike speech and has over 60 voices available in 29 languages.

This post walks you through how to add audio to your content in a few simple steps with Trinity Audio’s free WordPress plugin—you don’t even need to pay to synthesize text with Amazon Polly. This audio content solution provides an entirely new way to increase engagement and grow your audience by effortlessly transforming your content into audio. The following screenshot shows what the audio player will look like on your site.

Shepherd Yaw Morttey, online content manager at, says that their company “started using the Trinity Audio player shortly after its release on WordPress. Within a month, blog posts with the player have seen close to a 20% increase in session duration. Also, due to the background play nature and seamless integration with our PWA, our visitors are able to listen to our articles even when they are not actively on our site. This way, we are able to get more information to those who need it.”

Publishers around the globe can use Trinity Audio’s plugin to integrate Amazon Polly’s high-quality voices in dozens of languages with minimal time-to-market. To offset the costs associated with synthesizing the text, the plugin inserts digital ads into the newly created voiced output. It’s compatible with WordPress version 3.0.1 or higher (tested up to 5.0.6), and the PHP version 5.6 or higher.

Emily Binder, chief strategist at Beetle Moment Marketing, says, “Trinity Audio made it quick and easy for me to put the audio player on any page of my site, I added the player to blog posts so my readers can listen. It also makes my site more accessible. With voice-enabled interaction becoming the norm, having your content available by audio is a no-brainer.”

Installing the plugin

To install the plugin, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Trinity Audio plugin page on the WordPress website.
  2. Choose Download.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. On the Trinity Audio tab in your WordPress admin interface, configure the settings for your plugin.

For more information, see Trinity Audio WordPress plugin – implementation guide on YouTube.

That’s it! You are now set to audiofy your content and increase engagement with users.

Get started today

By using the state-of-the-art Amazon Polly voices, including the Newscaster Style, which imitates the tone of a news anchor, Trinity Audio brings a high-quality audio solution to the world at no cost. For more information about the different available voice styles, see Voices in Amazon Polly. Check out Trinity Audio today!

About the Author

Ron Jaworski is the co-founder and CEO of Trinity Audio. He is an adTech veteran and a big believer in the power of voice and audio.


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