A public forum to discuss the Open Source AI Definition

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OSI announced a public forum to widen the conversations that will lead to version 1.0 of the Open Source AI Definition. The forums are part of our commitment to inclusiveness and transparency, matching the public town hall meetings that started two weeks ago.

The public forum‘s goal is to welcome the broader community to engage in the conversations surrounding AI. There is only one category at the moment, but we plan to expand the forum’s scope over time.

Access to the forum is restricted to OSI members: if you’re not already a member, you can register now for free or you can use this as an opportunity to support OSI’s work and become a full member: Donating $50 or more will give you the option to vote in the board’s upcoming election and support our programs. OSI’s membership also allows you to submit a story to OpenSource.net, the community-based magazine.

The video recordings and slides from the first two town halls are on the forum:

By making the discussions accessible to the public, we believe that we can encourage greater participation, diversity of perspectives, and ultimately, a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Open Source AI.

We have an aggressive timeline, we know we must get to a version 1.0 quickly but we also want to get there with the right amount of support from a wide set of stakeholders. Join the forum today and help us speed up the process.

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