Accelerating climate action with AI

Favorite AI has the potential to mitigate 5-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions according to our new report with Boston Consulting Group. View Original Source ( Here.

Scaling multimodal understanding to long videos

Favorite Posted by Isaac Noble, Software Engineer, Google Research, and Anelia Angelova, Research Scientist, Google DeepMind When building machine learning models for real-life applications, we need to consider inputs from multiple modalities in order to capture various aspects of the world around us. For example, audio, video, and text all

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Shared by Google AI Technology November 14, 2023

An opportunity agenda for AI

Favorite Today we’re sharing an AI Opportunity Agenda to provide concrete policy recommendations to help AI benefit as many people as possible. View Original Source ( Here.

Boosting sustainable solutions from Sweden

Favorite Today, we’re announcing the Swedish recipients of Impact Challenge: Tech for Social Good – receiving technical support and 3 million Euros in funding for char… View Original Source ( Here.