Open Source AI Definition – weekly update Feb 23

A weekly summary of interesting threads on the forum.

Is the definition of “AI system” by the OECD too broad?

Central question: Do we need to define what AI systems are?

Training data access

Central question: for a model to be open source, do we need “open” access to its training data?

Recognising Open Source “Components” of an AI System

Central question: Should the definition of Open Source AI take a gradient approach (such as the case with RAIL licence), judging the openness of the components of a model, rather than the whole of it? How do we balance between becoming a definition too restrictive? 

It is worth highlighting, that it is the intention of OSI to have a definition which is:

Also worth noting

  • Results from Pythia and Llama2 working groups are out!
  • Watch the recordings of the fourth town hall meeting on Defining Open Source AI and the accompanying slides.

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