Open Source AI Definition – Weekly Update Mar 25

The current draft is up for review and comment. Please spread the word with your peers as we are entering the last 2 months of drafting: this is the time to raise concerns and shape the final text of the Open Source AI Definition.

Where to find the description of the “components”

  • An article regarding the components of machine learning systems has been published by the Linux Foundation team. The paper establishes a ranked classification system that rates machine learning models based on their completeness, following principles of open science, open source, open data, and open access.
    • The list of components on this paper is what we used for the evaluation of Pythia, Llama2, BLOOM and OpenCV with the working groups.
    • The default required components went in the 0.0.6 draft definition.
  • The definitions of these terms are now public and will be cited going forward.

Open Source AI Definition Town Hall – March 22, 2024

  • If you missed the latest town hall, access the recording through the link above.
  • Next town hall meeting will be held on the 5th of April

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