Open Source AI Definition – Weekly update May 13

Early thoughts on “Apple sample code license”?

  • Apple has released a license to distribute its new model, OpenELM. The license looks BSD/MIT-like with the exclusion of patents. According to you, does it seem OSD compliant?
    • Initial thoughts:
    • @pchestek added that the license appears to be similar to open source but raises concerns about potential limitations on rights, particularly regarding patents. It highlights Apple’s approach of granting only a copyright license, which might not be sufficient for ensuring all necessary freedoms, especially in the context of AI models
    • @shujisado agreed, saying that the terms related to trademarks and patents need to be scrutinized

Question regarding the 0.0.8 version 

  • @Aspie96 asks clarifying questions regarding the list of open components and points out how, unlike “traditional” software which can be released as open source software without as easy as proprietary software, this definition seem to require a lot more components to be open.
    • Stefano points out that “The “classic” Open Source Definition is applied to licenses, not to the software” and “ if a program is shipped with a license approved by the OSI then the software is considered Open Source”
    • He further states that “Through the co-design process of the Open Source AI Definition we learned that to use, study, share and modify an ML system one needs a complex combo of multiple components each following diverse legal regimes (not just the usual copyright+patents.) Therefore we must describe in more details what is required to grant users the agency and control expected.”

The FAQ page is being developed

  • The frequently asked questions page is starting to take form
  • We add relevant questions that have arisen from the forums so far, though if you have any contributions in mind, please leave a comment!

Open Source Initiative at PyCon!

This week, Stefano, Mer and the OSI team are visiting Pittsburgh, PA, hosting the first workshop of our Open Source AI Definition Roadshow! We are starting to get more in-person feedback on our draft definition.

If you are at PyCon come visit us on the 17th, from 11 am to 1pm in the Open Space area!

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