5 reasons why organisations don’t learn lessons.

Favorite If lesson learning is so simple, why do organisations so often fail to learn the big lesso
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    • Several reasons. Mostly because I consider it great content… sometimes content disappears on the web — I don’t want to lose what I’ve read, and can’t keep up with reading it as fast as you’re posting it. I haven’t found anyone else as prolific on the topic of knowledge management. I focused my master’s degree on knowledge management principles and started a nonprofit that applies knowledge management within the social service sector (https://unitedresourceconnection.org “United Resource Connection”). I find your posts helpful in keeping me on track, science wise, in this endeavor. I’m not making any money yet, having just started learning the whole grant writing thing (so far its been self financed).

      In school I read about — think it was FedEx (a U.S. delivery service) — “insourcing” their logistics capabilities for other companies needing help with supply chain… It occurred to me to take the KM capabilities I’m honing in my work at URC, and offer them as a means for additional revenue outside my main project — hence the “What We Do” tab on the xbladerunner.wpmudev.host landing page. You’re the first person to express interest! 🙂

      CYBERCM is really more a proof-of-concept — I think it looks good, but there’s really nothing behind the curtain except me. The website is completely automated. I have a couple twitter accounts that post to the blog as well when I come across other articles I’d like to archive.

      Though this may not be the best circumstance to ask you, I’d regret it if I didn’t — Would you be interested in partnering in some way, beyond the obvious liberties I’ve taken? If you’d like admin privileges to the site to look around, redirect or filter any inquires to your self, I’m happy to set that up for you. My passion is in the nonprofit sector, so I’m probably not optimizing knowledgemanagement.pro (for instance) as well as we could. If you’re too busy to consider some sort of partnership, I understand. Still, need to say I’d love your consideration — either in terms of cybercasemanager enterprises, or coming onto the board of directors for the nonprofit, united resource connection incorporated.

      If you’d like to carry on via email, you can reach me at stefan.densmore@unitedresourceconnection.org, or stefan.densmore@xbladerunner.wpmudev.host, whichever seems more interesting.

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