The 4 Ifs of Knowledge Management

This post is an elaboration of a Linked-In comment, and is based on a diagram from a paper I co-authored called Implementing a Framework for Knowledge Management

There are four key enablers for Knowledge Management – the 4 legs on the KM table.

The first 3 are generally recognised as the “People, Process. Technology” trio, while experience over a number of years (and documented in the paper referenced above) has shown that without governance, the other three cannot be sustained.

It’s informative to look at what happens if any of these four are missing.

  • If there are no roles and accountabilities, then Knowledge Management is nobody’s job (or else, it’s “everyone’s job” which soon becomes “no-one’s job”)
  • If there are no processes for KM, then nobody knows what to do, or how to do it.
  • If there is no Technology for KM, then nobody has the tools, and KM can never extend beyond the immediate and local
  • If there is no Governance, then nobody sees the point. KM remains an optional activity, and nobody has time for optional activity.
That’s the Four Ifs of KM

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