How much can a knowledge manager earn?

Here is another review of Knowledge Management salaries from various salary-comparison sites

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From Glassdoor we see an average salary of £46k (US$60k) and a range from £30k to £69k (US$39k to 90k)

From IT jobs watch we get a bunch of useful stuff, though it refers only to IT jobs labelled as KM. We can see a salary range of £27k to £91k with a median of £55k (US$35k to 118k and a median of US$71k)

We also see these useful plots showing the median KM salary over time (which does not seem to have changed much in 13 years) and the percentage of KM job postings, which is down from a peak in 2014 but steady over the last 3 years.

From payscale in Canada we get a Knowledge Manager salary range from C$ 47k to C$73k with a median of $55k (US$35 – 55 with a median of US$42)  and a “director of KM” salary of C$142K  (US$107k). These seem quite low figures.

From linkedin we see this histogram of salaries for KM specialists in the USA – a huge range from US$41k to US$ 106k and a median of US$ 65k

From KM Attorneys  we see that the median salary for a KM lawyer in New York is $106k

From lawcrossing,com we see a similar figure of $118, although the jobs advertised seem to be more general lawyer jobs than specific KM jobs.

The conclusion, as ever, is that there is a huge range in salary from about $35,000 at the low end to over $100k at the top end, because there is such a huge range of tasks to be done in KM. Its hard to draw any trends either, given this range. 

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