Amazon Lex launches support for Latin American Spanish and German

¡Amazon Lex lanza soporte para español para América Latina! Amazon Lex startet auf Deutsch!

Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. Starting today, Amazon Lex supports Latin American Spanish and German. Now you can easily create virtual agents, conversational IVR systems, self-service chatbots, or application bots to answer and resolve questions for your Latin American Spanish and German speakers.

Customer stories

To increase employee productivity and provide a better customer service experience, companies are looking to create more ways for their customers to get their questions answered and tasks completed. See how some of our customers are using Amazon Lex to create virtual contact center agents, chat interfaces, and knowledge management bots.


Fomento Económico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V., or FEMSA, is a Mexican multinational beverage and retail company. Xpertal Global Services is FEMSA’s Service Unit, offering consulting, IT, back-office transactional, and consumable procurement services to the rest of FEMSA’s business units. One of Xpertal’s services operates an internal help desk comprised of 150-agent Contact Center that handles approximately 4 million calls per year.

As Xpertal shares in the post How Xpertal is creating the Contact Center of the future with Amazon Lex, they first started to build Amazon Lex bots with US Spanish for multiple internal web portals and integrated it with Amazon Connect to their Contact Center. With today’s launch of Latin American Spanish, they are excited to migrate and create an even more localized experience for their customers.

Xpertal’s Contact Center Manager, Chester Perez, shares, “Our goal is to keep evolving as an organization and find better ways to deliver our products and improve customer satisfaction. Our talented internal team developed various initiatives focused on bringing more intelligence and automation into our contact center to provide self-service capabilities, improve call deflection rates, reduce call wait times, and increase agent productivity. Amazon Lex is simple to use and the Contact Center team was already creating bots after just a 1-hour enablement session.

“Thanks to AWS AI services, we can finally focus on how to apply the technology for our users’ benefit and not on what’s behind it.”


Amazon Lex is also opening opportunities for Decadia, a provider of company pension plans in Germany. Joerg Passmann, an Executive Director at Decadia, says, “Providing quality corporate pension plans is our passion, and the concerns of our pension members are close to our hearts at Decadia. We’d love to address them around the clock. Amazon Lex gives us the opportunity to process inquiries outside of our regular service hours and to be available with adequate assistance at any time. We look forward to exploring the diverse fields of application as part of a pilot phase.”


E.ON is the largest energy company in Europe. Dr. Juan Bernabé-Moreno, Chief Data Officer, says, “The energy world is changing at an unprecedented speed, and E.ON is actively shaping it. Handling the ever-increasing complexity requires a new approach to how we organize and manage our knowledge to better understand our customers, our competitors, our regulatory and political environment, and also the emerging trends and the new players. For that, we created an AI-powered knowledge management engine called Sophia. With Amazon Lex, we want to bring Sophia closer to each and every employee in the company, so that our decisions are always taken considering all the facts and knowledge available… in other words, we want to make Sophia part of each and every conversation, and Lex capabilities are quite promising to humanize Sophia.”

How to get started

Start exploring how you can apply Amazon Lex to your business processes.  This post shows you how to Expand Amazon Lex conversational experiences with Spanish. To use the new Amazon Lex languages, simply choose the language when creating a new bot via the Amazon Lex console or SDK.

For more information, see the Amazon Lex Developer Guide.


Amazon Lex is a powerful service for building conversational interfaces into your applications. Try using it to help increase call deflect rates, increase first call resolution rates, and reduce call times in your contact center. Or add it to the front of your knowledge bases to help your employees and customers find the answers they need faster. See all the ways in which other customers are using Amazon Lex.

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