How the Asian Development Bank is moving towards a "knowledge demand" model

In this YouTube video, Vivek Raman describes how KM at the Asian Development Bank is moving from a Push model (driven by knowledge supply) to Pull model (driven by knowledge demand) for its knowledge products and solutions. 

As Vivek says –

“Our challenge was complex: One, we needed to design a new methodology to string together all of ADB’s complex knowledge products and services for a country. Two, we needed to make sure this was not seen as additional work or burdensome by resident mission staff and actually, added value to their work. Three, and most importantly we needed to change government’s viewpoint that ADB is an active knowledge partner. So, for the methodology we decided to go back to the basics and approach it like a child’s problem. Nothing we designed was rocket science”.

Vivek goes on to describe the development of consultative country knowledge plans, as a way of achieving a more pull-driven approach.

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