Please review and comment on the draft new guide to the KM standard

 Over the past several months, a drafting team from the British Standards Institute has been writing a guide to the ISO KM standard. This guide is now available in early draft form for public review and comment.

The guide will become British Standard BSI 30402, and it provides guidance on the application of BSI/ISO 30401:2018, the management systems standard for Knowledge Management. It is designed to help those for whom ISO standards are unfamiliar, and provides guidance, suggestions and examples addressing each of the critical clauses in ISO 30401. 

At this stage the guide is very much a draft.

It is a committee draft, and has been agreed by the BSI committee as suitable for public review, in order to gather early feedback and suggestions. This review version is available online until June 13 via the link below, after which we will consider all comments, and look to improve the guide as a result.
Click on the link above. You will need to register with BSI before you can see the text, and once you have registered you can scroll the through the guide and add comments. Comments should be one of three types:
  • Editorial, related to spelling, grammar, and the way sentences and paragraphs are constructed:
  • Technical, related to the actual content itself and the points and suggestions that are made:
  • General, related to more general issues, such as missing material, or whether entire sections can be omitted.
Please use the comments function on the website, as this allows us to compare multiple comments on each paragraph. Sending us word documents with tracked changes will not help, as we don’t have the resources to compile that sort of response. 

Please give us your views, and help improve the guide!

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