Doing KM "the right way around"

Say what you like about the ISO KM standard; at least it encourages you to address KM in the correct order! There are many approaches adopted for introducing KM, and not all of them work well. For example the historically common approach of “Technology Push” – where an organisation seeks

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Shared by Nick Milton January 7, 2020

ISO KM standard now available for purchase

ISO 30401, the Management System standard for Knowledge Management, is now available for purchase From the ISO store, for 118 Swiss FrancsFrom the BSI store,  not available at the time of posting, but should be there very soon, price in UK pounds More details on the standard Link to webinar recording

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Shared by Nick Milton November 2, 2018

ISO KM standard – link to webinar recording

Please find copied below a communication from BSI about the webinar earlier this week where we introduced ISO Management Systems standard 30401 – Knowledge Management, with a request to pass it on to other interested parties. You can find below links to the slides that were presented, and to a

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Shared by Nick Milton October 12, 2018

The ISO KM standard – news and explanations

The ISO KM standard is due for publication in September. Here’s the latest news, and what to expect when the standard is finally ready. The international committee at work on the standard this week.That’s me on the far right. Photo by Avigdor Sharon  This week, in Paris, the ISO working

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Shared by Nick Milton May 18, 2018

The new ISO KM Standard explained

The video webinar below is from Judy Payne, one of my co-members on the committee to develop the new ISO KM standard. Judy delivered this last week for the Association of Project Managers, and explains the history of the standard, the thinking behind it, and some of the key messages

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Shared by Nick Milton January 17, 2018

The ISO KM draft standard is now available

After a couple of years of development, the ISO KM standard (ISO 30401) is now open for discussion of the first committee draft. You can buy a copy of the draft standard from the ISO site for 58 swiss francs, or your own national standards body may allow you to view

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Shared by Nick Milton November 30, 2017