Open Source AI Definition – Weekly update April 2

Seeking document reviewers for Pythia and OpenCV

  • We are now in the process of reviewing legal documents to check the compatibility with the version 0.0.6 definition of open-source AI, specifically for Pythia and OpenCV.
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The data requirement: “Sufficiently detailed information” for what?

  • Central question: What criteria define “sufficiently detailed information”?
    • There is a wish to change the term “Sufficiently detailed information” to “Sufficiently detailed to allow someone to replicate the entire dataset” to avoid vagueness and solidify reproducibility as openness
  • Stefano points out that “reproducibility” in itself might not be a sustainable term due to its loaded connotations.
  • There’s a proposal to modify the Open Source AI Definition requirement to specify providing detailed information to replicate the entire dataset.
    • However, concerns arise about how this would apply to various machine learning methods where dataset replication might not be feasible.

Action on the 0.0.6 draft

  • Contribution concerned with the usage of the wording “deploy” under “Out of Scope Issues” in relation to code alone.
    • OSI has replied asking for clarification on the question, as “deploy” refers to the whole AI system, not just the code.
  • Contribution concerned with the wording of “learning, using, sharing and improving software systems” under “Why We Need Open Source Artificial Intelligence”. Specifically, when relating to AI as opposed to “traditional” software, there is a growing concern that these values might be broad compared to the impact, in terms of safety and ethics, AI can have.
    • OSI replied that while the ethics of AI will continue to be discussed, these discussions are out of the scope of this definition. This will be elaborated on in an upcoming FAQ.

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