Open Source AI Definition – Weekly update April 8

Seeking document reviewers for OpenCV

  • This is your final opportunity to register for the review of licenses provided by OpenCV. Join us for our upcoming phase, where we meticulously compare various systems’ documentation against our latest definition to test compatibility.
    • For more information, check the forum

Action on the 0.0.6 draft 

  • Under “The following components are not required, but their inclusion in public releases is appreciated”, a user highlighted that model cards should be a required open component, as its purpose is to promote transparency and accountability
  • Under “What is Open Source AI?”, a user raises a concern regarding “made available to the public”, stating that software carries an Open Source license, even if a copy was only made available to a single person.
    • This will be considered for the next draft

Open Source AI Definition Town Hall – April 5, 2024

Access the slides and the recording of the previous town hall meeting here.

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