How to make a start in KM – answers from the survey

The Knoco 2017 survey of global Knowledge Management has recently closed, with submissions from 428 participants. Here is an interesting insight from the preliminary results.

This insight is a combination of two of the questions, and it seeks analyse the most effective ways to get your KM program started. 

The first question asked the participants “What external support has the organisation accessed to help the KM program? (Please select all that apply)”. The options were
  • External consultancy from a generic consulting firm 
  • External consultancy from a specialist KM consultant or consulting firm
  • External KM training
  • Membership of a multi-organisation KM consortium
  • Informal advice and discussions with KM practitioners from other organisations
  • Attendance at KM conferences
  • No external support other than books/Internet
  • I don’t know
  • I can’t remember (it was too long ago)
  • Other (please specify) 
The second question asked the participants to estimate, on an order of magnitude scale, the value delivered to date through their KM program (although many were unable to estimate this figure).

We can combine these two answers and look at the value generated from KM programs which use these forms of external support. The answer is shown in the diagram above.

First the caveats – the numbers are quite small – the numbers of respondents who both quoted a KM value and chose any particular option above are between 11 and 25, so quite a small dataset. There are a few more late responses to add to the dataset which might still alter the numbers a little. And there is nor a one-for-one correlation between support and value, as many respondents used more than one source of support.

However the conclusions seem clear.

  • Firstly, external support helps. Those respondents to tried to figure out KM for themselves from books and from the Internet delivered significantly less value than those who got external help.
  • Secondly the best external support seems to come from discussion with others, conference attendance, training and specialist consultancy support.
  • And of those four, the external consultancy seems to be associated with the most value-adding KM campaigns. 
Now you might think “Of course he would say that; he is a KM consultant”, and you would be correct.
However it is not me saying this, it is the results from a survey. And also I would not be in this job if I did not believe I added value to my clients. I sincerely believe that the right external consultant can get your KM program off to a flying start, and flying in the right direction. The alternative of “figuring it out for yourself” from books and websites does not pay in the long term.

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