How Covid has affected KM in organisations

A month ago, I opened a survey to investigate how KM has fared during the pandemic and associated recession. Here are the results. We conducted the last of our three triennial Knoco Global Surveys of Knowledge Management in 2020, and these reflect the state of KM in organisations prior to

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Shared by Nick Milton May 4, 2021

How the management of documented knowledge changes with KM maturity

 Improved access to documents is the second-most common strategic approach to KM. How is this improved access delivered? A question in our 2017 and 2020 surveys asked respondents how explicit or documented knowledge is managed.  The question was phrased as follows: Which of the following most closely represents the organisation’s current

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Shared by Nick Milton November 20, 2020

What incentives work for Knowledge Management?

There are a number of ways to incentivise KM, but which ones work? I blogged yesterday about an article which confirms that financial incentives for sharing knowledge can easily backfire, but which incentives actually work? We can answer this question with data from the Knoco KM surveys in 2014, 2017

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Shared by Nick Milton July 3, 2020

Which are the most commonly-used elements of KM governance?

As part of our three global surveys of Knowledge Management professionals in 2014, 2017 and 2020, we asked the participants to select from a list the Knowledge Management governance elements that had in place in their organisation.  The results are shown here.   Most of the survey respondents reported at least one element

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Shared by Nick Milton June 23, 2020

First preliminary results from the Knoco 2020 survey

The Knoco 2020 Survey of KM is about half way through its open period for accepting contributions. We have some early findings, and your own contribution is still very welcome. The Knoco 2020 survey of knowledge management is the third in a triennial series of surveys of the global status

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Shared by Nick Milton April 21, 2020