KM – simple but not easy

My assertion is that Knowledge Management is actually really quite simple, but simple does not equate to easy. For all the tools and all the strategies and all the nuances and all the things that we to do complicate knowledge management, at it’s heart it is a very simple concept.

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Shared by Nick Milton October 28, 2020

How to recognise a KM opportunity

Implementing Knowledge Management involves identifying opportunities where KM can help the business. But how do you spot these opportunities? My Name is Opportunity, by One Way Stock, on Flickr Implementing KM is not just a case of top-down roll-out of a Knowledge Management framework, but should involve looking for opportunities

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Shared by Nick Milton September 24, 2020

4 types of KM plan

Knowledge Management plans exist at many scales. Here are 4 of them. KM planning session Implementing KM is a project, and a prject needs a plan. However KM can be implemented at many scales, and many variants of KM plan may be needed. In this post we describe 4 of

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Shared by Nick Milton September 14, 2020

Lean KM and the Minimum Viable Product

There is a concept in lean manufacturing known as the “minimum viable product”. This is a very valuable concept to bear in mind when introducing Knowledge Management to an organisation Image from The concept of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is generally taken as being the simplest and easiest

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Shared by Nick Milton August 24, 2020

KM – who is in the driving seat?

A knowledge management strategy is not set in stone. It is not a fixed, immutable 5-year roadmap – it needs to change as the business landscape change. But who should steer these changes? Who is in the driving seat? Image by Ivan Radic on Flickr Does the KM team drive

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Shared by Nick Milton August 3, 2020

KM implementation case history – the BBC

Here are 9 lessons from a KM implementation at the BBC. Image from wikimedia commons A great case history of Knowledge Management Implementation at the British Broadcasting Corporation can be found in Tom Young’s book “Knowledge Management for Services, Operations and Manufacturing“.  The case history is written by Claire Garwood,

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Shared by Nick Milton June 17, 2020

9 influencing tactics to use when promoting KM

The Farnham Street blog (reporting on the book Mind Gym) describes nine tactics you can use to influence others, while making the point that ““it is essential that you understand the other person’s reasons so you can use tactics that will work to persuade them, as opposed to tactics that would

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Shared by Nick Milton February 27, 2020