The 12 steps for implementing KM in a problem-focused way

Favorite One of the more effective ways to introduce Knowledge Management is through solving a series of business problems. Here is a 12 step approach to doing just that. Image from wikimedia commons I came across this paper by Ray Dawson, professor of KM at Loughborough University, proposing a 12-step approach

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Shared by Nick Milton April 19, 2022

The 5 key skill areas for a KM implementation team

Favorite Here are 5 key skill areas you must not ignore when putting together your Knowledge Management implementation team. You need to have all of them on the team. Image from wikimedia commons You know the four enablers of People, Process, Technology and Governance? What we call the four legs on the

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Shared by Nick Milton March 21, 2022

Focus your KM first steps.

Favorite To start with, you don’t need Knowledge Management to be applied everywhere – only in the few places where it makes a difference. FOCUSR by Libertarian Girl on Flickr There is always a balance to be struck between burden and value. KM involves extra work – it involves attention

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Shared by Nick Milton March 7, 2022

How long does Knowledge Management take to implement?

Favorite Introducing Knowledge Management is likely to take a decade before it is fully embedded. Here are some benchmark statistics  Over the past few decades we have helped many organisations to benchmark their current status of Knowledge Management.  They ask for this service for a number of reasons. Sometimes they

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Shared by Nick Milton January 31, 2022

Awareness, willingness, ability: the 3 main challenges to KM

Favorite There are three main classes of challenge to introducing KM. We can call them Awareness, Willingness, and Ability Mountain challengeCresta route, Ben Nevis The awareness challenge can be summed up as follows The people who have the crucial knowledge, are often unaware that they have it, unaware how valuable

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Shared by Nick Milton May 12, 2021

Should we treat KM implementation as a project?

Favorite Does KM have to be a project? We argue that it does. Image from wikimedia commons Implementing KM means building something new within your organisation. A new management framework, a new way of working, a new set of behaviours and attitudes. The work is not done when implementation is

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Shared by Nick Milton April 30, 2021

Why incrementalism doesn’t work for KM change

Favorite Incrementalism will not work as a way to introduce Knowledge Management. KM is a mindshift – a giant leap – not a series of small steps. One giant leap by Vivobarefoot on Flickr Incrementalism is a method of working or changing by using many small incremental changes instead of

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Shared by Nick Milton January 22, 2021