Awareness, willingness, ability: the 3 main challenges to KM

There are three main classes of challenge to introducing KM. We can call them Awareness, Willingness, and Ability Mountain challengeCresta route, Ben Nevis The awareness challenge can be summed up as follows The people who have the crucial knowledge, are often unaware that they have it, unaware how valuable it

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Shared by Nick Milton May 12, 2021

Should we treat KM implementation as a project?

Does KM have to be a project? We argue that it does. Image from wikimedia commons Implementing KM means building something new within your organisation. A new management framework, a new way of working, a new set of behaviours and attitudes. The work is not done when implementation is over

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Shared by Nick Milton April 30, 2021

Why incrementalism doesn’t work for KM change

Incrementalism will not work as a way to introduce Knowledge Management. KM is a mindshift – a giant leap – not a series of small steps. One giant leap by Vivobarefoot on Flickr Incrementalism is a method of working or changing by using many small incremental changes instead of one

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Shared by Nick Milton January 22, 2021

Loss Aversion, and the dis-incentives for KM-based change

The risk of loss of the status quo can be a powerful disincentive for change, and can be a powerful factor working against knowledge management implementation. There is a very apt quote from Machiavelli (The Prince, 1532), which applies to Knowledge Management as it does to any change initiative: “There

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Shared by Nick Milton December 14, 2020

KM implementation – knowing when to stop

Knowing when to stop KM implementation – to “declare victory” and stand down the implementation team – is as big a decision as starting KM in the first place.  Image from wikimedia commons I am a proponent of viewing KM implementation as a project, and projects have start dates and

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Shared by Nick Milton November 10, 2020

KM – simple but not easy

My assertion is that Knowledge Management is actually really quite simple, but simple does not equate to easy. For all the tools and all the strategies and all the nuances and all the things that we to do complicate knowledge management, at it’s heart it is a very simple concept.

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Shared by Nick Milton October 28, 2020

How to recognise a KM opportunity

Implementing Knowledge Management involves identifying opportunities where KM can help the business. But how do you spot these opportunities? My Name is Opportunity, by One Way Stock, on Flickr Implementing KM is not just a case of top-down roll-out of a Knowledge Management framework, but should involve looking for opportunities

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Shared by Nick Milton September 24, 2020

4 types of KM plan

Knowledge Management plans exist at many scales. Here are 4 of them. KM planning session Implementing KM is a project, and a prject needs a plan. However KM can be implemented at many scales, and many variants of KM plan may be needed. In this post we describe 4 of

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Shared by Nick Milton September 14, 2020