NASA’s "5 most common KM mistakes"

In a 2015 video reprise from Edward Rogers, CKO of NASA Goddard, he explains what he sees as the 5 most common mistakes in implementing KM.

All of these stem from one reason, which is that KM people too often fail to learn from the experience of the past. Edward’s 5 reasons for failure are these;

  1. Attempting to implement a KM system in a hurry, by “buying a KM program”. KM at NASA has been a 10 year proposition.
  2. “Gaming” KM; trying to manipulate people though tricks and incentives
  3. Applying a KM framework “off the shelf” rather than tailoring it to your own context
  4. Selling KM with an unrealistic revenue target (but also see his video on quantifying the value of KM pilot projects)
  5. Letting IT and the CIO handle KM, which ends up with a data and information system, not a KM system

Compare these with our list of the most common reasons KM programs fail

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