Why conversations are so important in KM.

Favorite All forms of Management involve conversation, and Knowledge Management is no different. The management of intangibles is driven by conversations. Those conversations are focused on the particular intangible in question, and serve to set direction, raise awareness, and lead to action. Risk management is driven by conversations about risk;

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Shared by Nick Milton January 31, 2022

Management by Talking About

Favorite Part of the way you manage issues such as risk, safety and knowledge, is by creating times and processes for talking about them. Steven Denning, at the Ottowa Knowledge Management summit a few years ago, said that the learning capacity of an organisation is directly related to it’s ability

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Shared by Nick Milton May 15, 2019

5 types of conversation – only one works for KM

Favorite Knowledge Management is a combination of content management and conversation management, but which sort of conversations do we need? Let’s talk, by Ron mader, on Flickr Conversation is widely recognised as the best Knowledge Management tool there is. Tacit knowledge and true understanding can be shared through conversation, but

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Shared by Nick Milton October 31, 2018