How to introduce a KM culture? You probably already know!

Many client organisations ask us “how do we promote Knowledge sharing and learning to become part of our culture”?  I tell them that they probably already have the answer to that question. Culture change model from wikipedia Knowledge Management is probably not the only culture change program they have been

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Shared by Nick Milton May 24, 2021

Awareness, willingness, ability: the 3 main challenges to KM

There are three main classes of challenge to introducing KM. We can call them Awareness, Willingness, and Ability Mountain challengeCresta route, Ben Nevis The awareness challenge can be summed up as follows The people who have the crucial knowledge, are often unaware that they have it, unaware how valuable it

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Shared by Nick Milton May 12, 2021

6 things Knowledge Management can learn from Safety Management

I often argue that safety management is a good analogy to knowledge management. Here are 5 things KM can learn from safety. Image from wikipedia Safety management and knowledge management are close analogues.  Both are management systems focused on intangibles and on behaviours. The main difference is that introducing safety

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Shared by Nick Milton March 22, 2021

Why incrementalism doesn’t work for KM change

Incrementalism will not work as a way to introduce Knowledge Management. KM is a mindshift – a giant leap – not a series of small steps. One giant leap by Vivobarefoot on Flickr Incrementalism is a method of working or changing by using many small incremental changes instead of one

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Shared by Nick Milton January 22, 2021

Internal competition – the KM-killer

If Knowledge Management is like gardening and the knowledge manager is like a gardener (see here to understand the metaphor), then Internal competition is like a late frost that kills all your green shoots.  Frosted by Lauryn on Flickr There is no point in planting the seeds of Knowledge Management

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Shared by Nick Milton July 28, 2020

How benchmarking and KM make a powerful combination

One of the main barriers to knowledge transfer and re-use is complacency. Benchmarking (internal and external) can help remove this complacency. Not invented here Bingo, by Ramon Vullings on Flickr One of the biggest barriers to overcome in Knowledge Management is a lack of desire to learn from others, and

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Shared by Nick Milton March 17, 2020

Cultural barriers to KM – updated

Which are the most common cultural barriers to KM? How do these barriers change with KM maturity? Which parts of the world have the most cultural barriers?   These are some of the questions we addressed in our recent surveys of Knowledge Management. The results from the 2014 survey are presented

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Shared by Nick Milton March 13, 2020