KM and culture – interview with Dana Tessier on her recent book

Favorite  Culture is one of the major issues with KM implementation, as we have discussed regularly on this blog. A recent book, edited by Dana Tessier, throws new light on this topic, as discussed below.  The book is entitled “Organizational Culture Strategies for Effective Knowledge Management and Performance” and can

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Shared by Nick Milton April 25, 2022

The 5 key skill areas for a KM implementation team

Favorite Here are 5 key skill areas you must not ignore when putting together your Knowledge Management implementation team. You need to have all of them on the team. Image from wikimedia commons You know the four enablers of People, Process, Technology and Governance? What we call the four legs on the

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Shared by Nick Milton March 21, 2022

Incentivising Knowledge Management; lessons from NASA

Favorite Here is insight into how NASA tackles the issue of incentives and motivation for KM behaviours.   Image from wikimedia commons Incentives and motivation has long been a topic on this blog.  Here in Knoco we believe in intrinsic motivation rather than motivation through rewards or prizes, preferring to

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Shared by Nick Milton December 14, 2021

2 questions that show KM is broken

Favorite The two questions in this little conversation are evidence of a broken KM culture or system. It’s the sort of conversation most of us have had at some time on our lives. In this conversation we can see evidence of a missed opportunity to share knowledge (“I could have

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Shared by Nick Milton October 4, 2021

5 steps to KM culture change

Favorite There are 5 generic steps to go through when introducing a Knowledge management culture. These are as follows. Define the culture you want to develop. Don’t define it in woolly terms – “we want a knowledge sharing culture” – but define it in terms of the attitudes and behaviours

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Shared by Nick Milton July 14, 2021

7 cultural barriers to KM, and how to break them

Favorite There are many cultural barriers to Knowledge Management implementation, and all of them can be broken Break Through by Joel Bombardier on Flickr There are several cultural elements that can stand in the way of successful Knowledge Management. Some of these barriers are listed below, with thoughts on how

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Shared by Nick Milton June 21, 2021

How to introduce a KM culture? You probably already know!

Favorite Many client organisations ask us “how do we promote Knowledge sharing and learning to become part of our culture”?  I tell them that they probably already have the answer to that question. Culture change model from wikipedia Knowledge Management is probably not the only culture change program they have

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Shared by Nick Milton May 24, 2021

Awareness, willingness, ability: the 3 main challenges to KM

Favorite There are three main classes of challenge to introducing KM. We can call them Awareness, Willingness, and Ability Mountain challengeCresta route, Ben Nevis The awareness challenge can be summed up as follows The people who have the crucial knowledge, are often unaware that they have it, unaware how valuable

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Shared by Nick Milton May 12, 2021

6 things Knowledge Management can learn from Safety Management

Favorite I often argue that safety management is a good analogy to knowledge management. Here are 5 things KM can learn from safety. Image from wikipedia Safety management and knowledge management are close analogues.  Both are management systems focused on intangibles and on behaviours. The main difference is that introducing

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Shared by Nick Milton March 22, 2021