Who are the knowledge workers?

The knowledge workers represent one of your two main stakeholder groupings for Knowledge Management implementation. But who exactly are they? Image from CreazillaPublic domain licence Firstly we can eliminate from the group “knowledge worker” anyone who is purely a manual worker – someone who follows orders or preassigned inflexible procedures.

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Shared by Nick Milton September 21, 2020

"KM rights and responsibilities" charter at Oxfam

What rights do your workers have in terms of access to knowledge? What are their corresponding responsibilities? Intermon Oxfam by on Mover el Bigote on Flickr Knowledge management is well developed in the aid and development sector, perhaps because knowledge, in this sector, as a more abundant resource than money.

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Shared by Nick Milton August 14, 2020

The essential point of being a knowledge worker

A blog post appeared in the Huffington Post a few years ago entitled “you are more than a knowledge worker“, which, in my view, completely missed the essential point of knowledge work.  Carmen Iannacone: Hello I’m a knowledge worker. By Michael Edson on Flickr The basic premise on which the blog

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Shared by Nick Milton July 29, 2020

Why the "Working Teams" dimension is important in KM

We hear a lot about communities of practice and social networks in Knowledge Management, but we should not lose sight of the other dimension of the knowledge equation – the work teams. Image from wikimedia commons Work teams are often the way work gets done in organizations, and a team

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Shared by Nick Milton June 10, 2020