Quantified KM Value story #144 – $1.4 million at Goodyear

Favorite  From a post on Linked-In, and with permission of the author, here is another quantified KM value story. Jim Clarke,  Knowledge Management Project Leader at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, posted the following on Jan 13, 2023 “My KM team has deployed a customized Rapid Learning Cycle (RLC)

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Shared by Nick Milton January 16, 2023

Why it’s important to communicate the value of knowledge

Favorite The most important thing you can do for KM within your company, is help people to understand the value of knowledge.  Today I bring value, by Kimberley Kling, on Flickr I often say that “knowledge management is how people would manage their organisations if only they knew the value

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Shared by Nick Milton December 5, 2022

30 different ways a Community of Practice can add value

Favorite How can communities of practice add value? Let me count the ways. Image from wikimedia commons Here’s a list we made of 30 different mechanisms by which a community of practice can add value to an organisation. No doubt you can think of more! Community members can Solve problems

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Shared by Nick Milton July 25, 2022

How KM delivers value by solving knowledge problems

Favorite Much of the value delivered through Knowledge Management comes as a result of solving problems. “How do you show the value of Knowledge Management?”  Yet another client was asking me the same question – how can you demonstrate the value? I had just quoted to him Shell’s 2007 claim that they

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Shared by Nick Milton June 13, 2022

Value-focused Knowledge Management (video)

Favorite  The video below is from a talk I gave to the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement (GfWM) knowledge camp last week, on the topic of “value focused KM”. You can find more videos from the same event here. The video lasts about 30 minutes, and covers the source of value that KM

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Shared by Nick Milton November 26, 2021

2 questions that show KM is broken

Favorite The two questions in this little conversation are evidence of a broken KM culture or system. It’s the sort of conversation most of us have had at some time on our lives. In this conversation we can see evidence of a missed opportunity to share knowledge (“I could have

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Shared by Nick Milton October 4, 2021

Quantified KM value story number 142; 7-figure increase in sales revenue from simple knowledge sharing meetings

Favorite  HBR have published a case study showing the impact of simple structured knowledge sharing meetings.  Although the article is entitled “how virtual teams can better share knowledge”, the study was held using face to face knowledge transfer meetings, pre-Covid. The study attempted to test whether incentives or structure were

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Shared by Nick Milton November 5, 2020