Value-focused Knowledge Management (video)

 The video below is from a talk I gave to the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement (GfWM) knowledge camp last week, on the topic of “value focused KM”. You can find more videos from the same event here. The video lasts about 30 minutes, and covers the source of value that KM taps

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Shared by Nick Milton November 26, 2021

2 questions that show KM is broken

The two questions in this little conversation are evidence of a broken KM culture or system. It’s the sort of conversation most of us have had at some time on our lives. In this conversation we can see evidence of a missed opportunity to share knowledge (“I could have told

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Shared by Nick Milton October 4, 2021

Quantified KM value case story 140 – construction time saved at AFCONS

This story describes how AFCONS Infrastructure saved 100 days in a big construction project Chenab bridge, an AFCONS projectImage from wikimedia commonsBy bhisham pratap padha from Jammu, India – IMG_7770b, CC BY-SA 2.0,  AFCONS Infrastructure is an infrastructure company, we work on large public infrastructure projects like ports, metros, expressways,

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Shared by Nick Milton July 8, 2020

3 ways to estimate the value of lessons learned

Many organisations attempt to assign value to lessons in a lessons management system, and there are three ways you can do this.  A screen sub-panel from the lessons management hubshowing value assigned to lessons Assigning value to lesson-learning has three main advantages; It reassures the people using the system that

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Shared by Nick Milton June 24, 2020

Quantified KM value case studies numbers 130 through 139

In the embedded video below you can find 10 case studes which illustrate the value delivered by health librarians, who are a main component in the KM systems used in the UK National Health Service. The video is entitled “Health Librarians and Knowledge Specialists Impact Case Study Vignettes” and is

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Shared by Nick Milton June 8, 2020

How to apply Knowledge Management to Mergers and Acquisitions

Knowledge management delivers maximum value when applied to high value knowledge, to support high value decisions, and in areas where that knowledge is otherwise at risk of being lost. A typical high value area where major decisions will be made is Mergers and Acquisitions.  Image from wikimedia commons,Merger of KCR

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Shared by Nick Milton June 5, 2020