9 arguments for a Knowledge Management strategy

You need a strategy if your KM implementation is to be successful. Here are 8 reasons why. Implementing Knowledge Management without a strategy is a risky endeavour. As Sun Tzu is reputed to have said said, in “the art of war”, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics

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Shared by Nick Milton September 12, 2022

3 words that put "Management" in Knowledge Management

The difference between Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management lies in three words – systematic, routine, strategic. Quite often we find clients who don’t like the term “knowledge management” and prefer something like “knowledge sharing” instead. Often this comes from the assumption that “knowledge management” means “the management of knowledge”, and

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Shared by Nick Milton December 9, 2020

4 types of KM plan

Knowledge Management plans exist at many scales. Here are 4 of them. KM planning session Implementing KM is a project, and a prject needs a plan. However KM can be implemented at many scales, and many variants of KM plan may be needed. In this post we describe 4 of

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Shared by Nick Milton September 14, 2020

An evaluation of a KM strategy – example from Oxfam

It’s not often you see a public review of a KM Strategy – here is a good example. Image by Stefan Erschwendner, on Flickr I blogged yesterday about Oxfam’s KM strategy. Oxfam referred to knowledge and to knowledge management several times in their 2013 to 2019 strategic plan, which allowed me

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Shared by Nick Milton August 18, 2020

KM strategy map – example from Oxfam

A KM strategy map is a great way to visually connect KM activity and organisational strategy. Here is an example. Last week I blogged about Knowledge Management at Oxfam, and shared their Rights and Responsibilities table. In today’s post I use Oxfam again, as a demonstration of how to create

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Shared by Nick Milton August 17, 2020

KM – who is in the driving seat?

A knowledge management strategy is not set in stone. It is not a fixed, immutable 5-year roadmap – it needs to change as the business landscape change. But who should steer these changes? Who is in the driving seat? Image by Ivan Radic on Flickr Does the KM team drive

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Shared by Nick Milton August 3, 2020

Free access to knowledge, or structured access to knowledge?

Here is another excellent article from Tom Davenport, one of the clearest writers on the topic of Knowledge Management, making the case for a structured “just-in-time” approach to the supply of knowledge.  Tom starts his article as follows: In the half-century since Peter Drucker coined the term “knowledge workers,” their

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Shared by Nick Milton July 23, 2020

The 10 principles behind successful KM strategies

I blogged last week about the 5 basic principles behind successful Knowledge Management. Let’s take that one step further, into the principles behind a KM Strategy. Strategy by Kathryn Decker on Flickr When Stephanie Barnes and I wrote our book “Designing a successful KM Strategy” we included a chapter on

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Shared by Nick Milton June 25, 2020