Incentivising Knowledge Management; lessons from NASA

Favorite Here is insight into how NASA tackles the issue of incentives and motivation for KM behaviours.   Image from wikimedia commons Incentives and motivation has long been a topic on this blog.  Here in Knoco we believe in intrinsic motivation rather than motivation through rewards or prizes, preferring to

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Shared by Nick Milton December 14, 2021

Loss Aversion, and the dis-incentives for KM-based change

Favorite The risk of loss of the status quo can be a powerful disincentive for change, and can be a powerful factor working against knowledge management implementation. There is a very apt quote from Machiavelli (The Prince, 1532), which applies to Knowledge Management as it does to any change initiative:

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Shared by Nick Milton December 14, 2020

Reasons why you should not incentivise knowledge publishing

Favorite Just incentivising knowledge publishing risks drowning the organisation in trivia. Social media overloadby Mark Smiciklas on Flickr I once had a conversation with a knowledge manager, who explained to me the incentive system they used for KM. My heart sank.  In this particular organisation, people were incentivised to publish

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Shared by Nick Milton September 18, 2020

Internal competition – the KM-killer

Favorite If Knowledge Management is like gardening and the knowledge manager is like a gardener (see here to understand the metaphor), then Internal competition is like a late frost that kills all your green shoots.  Frosted by Lauryn on Flickr There is no point in planting the seeds of Knowledge

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Shared by Nick Milton July 28, 2020

What incentives work for Knowledge Management?

Favorite There are a number of ways to incentivise KM, but which ones work? I blogged yesterday about an article which confirms that financial incentives for sharing knowledge can easily backfire, but which incentives actually work? We can answer this question with data from the Knoco KM surveys in 2014,

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Shared by Nick Milton July 3, 2020

20 incentives to "swing the KM balance"

Favorite People will engage with KM if the benefit to them outweighs the cost. Here are 20 ways to tip the scales in favour of Benefit.  Balance scale, by winnifredxoxo on Flickr At a purely individual level, people will decide how to spend their time and energy based on an

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Shared by Nick Milton March 27, 2020

How benchmarking and KM make a powerful combination

Favorite One of the main barriers to knowledge transfer and re-use is complacency. Benchmarking (internal and external) can help remove this complacency. Not invented here Bingo, by Ramon Vullings on Flickr One of the biggest barriers to overcome in Knowledge Management is a lack of desire to learn from others,

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Shared by Nick Milton March 17, 2020

Forget knowledge sharing, let’s encourage knowledge seeking instead

Favorite People often ask us “how do we incentivise  knowledge sharing?” I often answer “don’t bother. Incentivise knowledge seeking and re-use instead”. I give this answer, because knowledge sharing in itself achieves nothing. Knowledge needs to be sought and re-used before any value has been added, and re-use is often

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Shared by Nick Milton January 17, 2020