Generative AI to quantify uncertainty in weather forecasting

Favorite Posted by Lizao (Larry) Li, Software Engineer, and Rob Carver, Research Scientist, Google Research Accurate weather forecasts can have a direct impact on people’s lives, from helping make routine decisions, like what to pack for a day’s activities, to informing urgent actions, for example, protecting people in the face

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Shared by Google AI Technology March 29, 2024

AutoBNN: Probabilistic time series forecasting with compositional bayesian neural networks

Favorite Posted by Urs Köster, Software Engineer, Google Research Time series problems are ubiquitous, from forecasting weather and traffic patterns to understanding economic trends. Bayesian approaches start with an assumption about the data’s patterns (prior probability), collecting evidence (e.g., new time series data), and continuously updating that assumption to form

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Shared by Google AI Technology March 28, 2024

Computer-aided diagnosis for lung cancer screening

Favorite Posted by Atilla Kiraly, Software Engineer, and Rory Pilgrim, Product Manager, Google Research Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths globally with 1.8 million deaths reported in 2020. Late diagnosis dramatically reduces the chances of survival. Lung cancer screening via computed tomography (CT), which provides a detailed

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Shared by Google AI Technology March 20, 2024

Graph neural networks in TensorFlow

Favorite Posted by Dustin Zelle, Software Engineer, Google Research, and Arno Eigenwillig, Software Engineer, CoreML Objects and their relationships are ubiquitous in the world around us, and relationships can be as important to understanding an object as its own attributes viewed in isolation — take for example transportation networks, production

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Shared by Google AI Technology February 6, 2024

A decoder-only foundation model for time-series forecasting

Favorite Posted by Rajat Sen and Yichen Zhou, Google Research Time-series forecasting is ubiquitous in various domains, such as retail, finance, manufacturing, healthcare and natural sciences. In retail use cases, for example, it has been observed that improving demand forecasting accuracy can meaningfully reduce inventory costs and increase revenue. Deep

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Shared by Google AI Technology February 2, 2024

MobileDiffusion: Rapid text-to-image generation on-device

Favorite Posted by Yang Zhao, Senior Software Engineer, and Tingbo Hou, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Core ML Text-to-image diffusion models have shown exceptional capabilities in generating high-quality images from text prompts. However, leading models feature billions of parameters and are consequently expensive to run, requiring powerful desktops or servers (e.g.,

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Shared by Google AI Technology January 31, 2024