Example KM policy – AVANGRID

Here’s a great principles-based KM Policy Avangrid is a US-based service company in the Energy Market. Their website says “Our 6,800 employees collaborate to deliver projects that power America’s future, provide clean energy and improve customers’ lives and communities”. To support this collaboration, they recently published this Knowledge Management Policy,

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Shared by Nick Milton March 13, 2018

8 arguments for having a KM Policy

What’s the point of having a KM Policy? Here are 8 arguments in favour. There comes a time when a KM strategy has done its job, and that’s when you need a KM policy.  Your Knowledge Management strategy is a strategy for change – a strategy for introducing the culture,

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Shared by Nick Milton October 30, 2017

Example KM policy statement, Hong Kong Police

Found here, an interesting KM policy statement from the Hong Kong Police Force. Short, but powerful, and a good example of content for a Knowledge Management policy.  Policy Statement The Hong Kong Police Force (the Force) attaches great importance to effectively managing the wisdom, experiences and knowledge accumulated, accrued and

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Shared by Nick Milton July 21, 2017

What the NASA CKO said about KM policies

Knowledge Management policies are still rare, and opinion on them is divided. Here is what the CKO of NASA said about the topic. Image from Wikimedia commons Knowledge Management policies are coming. When the ISO KM standard is in place, next year or the year after, a KM policy becomes

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Shared by Nick Milton May 23, 2017