5 design principles for a KM platform – lessons from IDEO

Favorite IDEO based their KM platform around 5 design principles. Here they are. Image from wikimedia commons Here is a fascinating article by Doug Solomon, entitled “The Tube: IDEO Builds a Collaboration System That Inspires through Passion.” It describes how IDEO, the famous design and innovation agency, built themselves a

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Shared by Nick Milton March 6, 2020

Should you use a single technology platform for KM?

Favorite Does KM need a single technology platform? More likely it needs several technologies. This blog post was prompted by a thread in Stan Garfield’s SIKM community asking what technology platform people use for KM. My immediate thought was that a single platform probably is not sufficient. However let’s look

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Shared by Nick Milton November 22, 2019

How the coastguard seeks input to lesson learning

Favorite Public organisations can learn from the coastguard when it comes to getting wide scale input to lesson learning US coastguard units train on Lake Ponchartrain by  Coast Guard on Flickr Any public organisation, especially one with an element of high priority service, needs a lesson-learning process to improve that service.

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Shared by Nick Milton February 7, 2019

The risks when an algorithm takes your job

Favorite An interesting Forrester blog highlights some of the risks of process automation image from wikimedia commons We live in a world where automation is beginning to impact knowledge work, in the same way that it impacted manual work in the last century.  On the one hand this is great

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Shared by Nick Milton December 12, 2018

What you need to know about social tools and KM

Favorite Here is a very interesting article from HBR entitled “What managers need to know about social tools” – thanks to Anshuman Rath for bringing it to my attention.  It’s well worth a complete read. Image by Codynguyen1116on wikimedia commons The article by Paul Leonardi and Tsedal Neeley, from the Nov/Dec

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Shared by Nick Milton November 20, 2018

A model for KM technology selection

Favorite An example from Schlumberger shows us how selecting KM technology should be done. image from wikimedia commons At the KMUK conference a few years ago, Alan Boulter introduced us to the Schlumberger approach to selecting Knowledge Management technology. This is a very straightforward contracts to the common “gadget-store pick

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Shared by Nick Milton August 29, 2018