Quantified KM Value story #144 – $1.4 million at Goodyear

Favorite  From a post on Linked-In, and with permission of the author, here is another quantified KM value story. Jim Clarke,  Knowledge Management Project Leader at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, posted the following on Jan 13, 2023 “My KM team has deployed a customized Rapid Learning Cycle (RLC)

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Shared by Nick Milton January 16, 2023

Quantified KM value story number 142; 7-figure increase in sales revenue from simple knowledge sharing meetings

Favorite  HBR have published a case study showing the impact of simple structured knowledge sharing meetings.  Although the article is entitled “how virtual teams can better share knowledge”, the study was held using face to face knowledge transfer meetings, pre-Covid. The study attempted to test whether incentives or structure were

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Shared by Nick Milton November 5, 2020

Quantified KM value case story 140 – construction time saved at AFCONS

Favorite This story describes how AFCONS Infrastructure saved 100 days in a big construction project Chenab bridge, an AFCONS projectImage from wikimedia commonsBy bhisham pratap padha from Jammu, India – IMG_7770b, CC BY-SA 2.0,  AFCONS Infrastructure is an infrastructure company, we work on large public infrastructure projects like ports, metros,

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Shared by Nick Milton July 8, 2020

Quantified KM value case studies numbers 130 through 139

Favorite In the embedded video below you can find 10 case studes which illustrate the value delivered by health librarians, who are a main component in the KM systems used in the UK National Health Service. The video is entitled “Health Librarians and Knowledge Specialists Impact Case Study Vignettes” and

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Shared by Nick Milton June 8, 2020

Quantified KM value example number 127

Favorite In this job advertisement, found on LinkedIn, we find an example of quantified value delivery from KM. Image from wikimedia commons The job advertisement, posted a week ago, is for a “KM Manager” for Shell, based in the Hague, who will run KM for Shell’s Projects and Technology business.

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Shared by Nick Milton July 23, 2019

Quantified KM value stories 125 and 126

Favorite This post contains two more entries in a long series of examples of quantified value delivery from KM. The two examples below come from the article “Knowledge management in a steel company : a case study of the Gerdau Group” written in 2009 by Marcelo Kuhn, and both refer to

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Shared by Nick Milton April 25, 2019