Arçelik hosts global AWS DeepRacer League using new LIVE feature to educate over 200 employees on machine learning

This is a guest post by Pınar Köse Kulacz, Innovation Director at Arçelik. Arçelik, the leading global manufacturer of household appliances, has collaborated with AWS since 2019 to increase efficiency and innovate on new services. Here at Arçelik, we believe that data and artificial intelligence provide a critical advantage over

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning September 18, 2021

Thought you might like to see this knowledge product

The video below is a product of the Olympic Games Knowledge Management program, as part of their methodology for transferring experience from one organising committee to another. The 27-minute video is introduced here, and was created during the Rio Olympics to describe the work of press photographers at the Olympic

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Shared by Nick Milton November 26, 2020

The current NASA toolbox for KM

In 2016 NASA published their toolbox for KM. Here’s what is in it.  See NASA source page This post is an update to my previous post on the NASA toolbox, which is getting rather out of date!  NASA APPEL introduced their new organisation-wide HQ KM toolbox at the beginning of

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Shared by Nick Milton October 8, 2020

An evaluation of a KM strategy – example from Oxfam

It’s not often you see a public review of a KM Strategy – here is a good example. Image by Stefan Erschwendner, on Flickr I blogged yesterday about Oxfam’s KM strategy. Oxfam referred to knowledge and to knowledge management several times in their 2013 to 2019 strategic plan, which allowed me

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Shared by Nick Milton August 18, 2020

KM implementation case study – Texas instruments

This is a Knowledge Management story from the early days – about 20 years ago – but is interesting because although it was an old-style approach, it worked and delivered huge value. Texas instruments calculator, image from wikimedia commons In 1994, the CEO of Texas Instruments, Jerry Junkins, gave is

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Shared by Nick Milton June 18, 2020

KM implementation case history – the BBC

Here are 9 lessons from a KM implementation at the BBC. Image from wikimedia commons A great case history of Knowledge Management Implementation at the British Broadcasting Corporation can be found in Tom Young’s book “Knowledge Management for Services, Operations and Manufacturing“.  The case history is written by Claire Garwood,

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Shared by Nick Milton June 17, 2020

The "Designing Buildings" wiki

The “Designing Buildings” wiki is a nice example of managed industry knowledge The Designing Buildings Wiki, pictured below and explained above, is a wiki for the construction industry. It is active – with 5 million users, 14 million page views per year, and plenty of new edits and content added in

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Shared by Nick Milton March 18, 2019

A timeline of KM at McKinsey

McKinsey is one of the leading Knowledge Management organisations in the world. Here is how they got there. Image from wikimedia commons I have referred to McKinsey a few times on this blog, describing their approach to knowledge centers, and some of the KM roles they have in place. McKinsey

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Shared by Nick Milton December 11, 2018

Video on KM in a USAID project

The video below is from the USAID-supported Vrisshi project in India, funded to scale up advances in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (+ adolescents as well). The video talks about a knowledge base, or collection of publications, that was created through the project for use by medical and health

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Shared by Nick Milton November 22, 2018