KM implementation – knowing when to stop

Favorite Knowing when to stop KM implementation – to “declare victory” and stand down the implementation team – is as big a decision as starting KM in the first place.  Image from wikimedia commons I am a proponent of viewing KM implementation as a project, and projects have start dates

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Shared by Nick Milton November 10, 2020

How to sustain Knowledge Management in the long term

Favorite Many Knowledge Management initiatives fail to get going. Others succeed initially, yet fail once the KM implementation team is removed. And yet some are sustained for the long term, with KM becoming “part of the way we work”. What do these organisations do differently? Chart from the Knoco KM

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Shared by Nick Milton August 27, 2020

10 charts to show how KM develops and matures

Favorite As KM matures in an organisation, what changes? Our survey data shows some clear trends between the early stages and the “fully embedded” stage. In the three Knoco global surveys of Knowledge Management, conducted in 2014, 2017 and 2020, one of the questions we asked was “how mature in

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Shared by Nick Milton July 9, 2020

Embedding KM in the heartbeat of work

Favorite Work has its own rhythms; its own heartbeat. Make KM part of that heartbeat.  Image from wikimedia commons Work has cycles and rhythms; an organisational heartbeat if you will. Embedding Knowledge Management means making it part of that heartbeat, so that it becomes a natural component of the operation

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Shared by Nick Milton December 17, 2019

What does mature KM look like?

Favorite Mature KM is a mixture of attitude, habit, and framework. If you visited an organisation that had truly embraced and embedded Knowledge Management, what would you see? What would be different and distinctive about that organisation? You would probably notice 3 things – attitudes, habits, and a solid KM

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Shared by Nick Milton December 9, 2019

Can you time-write KM activity?

Favorite A common question from clients in professional services, legal or consulting firms, which usually operate a strict time-writing regime, is “How do we Timewrite KM”? In an industry where billable hour is king, how do you timewrite, and therefore bill, time spent in Knowledge Management activities such as Peer Assist,

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Shared by Nick Milton July 18, 2018

Embedding KM through accountabilities

Favorite Work gets done because people are accountable. KM also will get done if individuals are given accountability. Work gets done because people are accountable. They are given a job, and they do their job. Where I have seen KM really live for a long time in organisations, it is

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Shared by Nick Milton July 17, 2018

What does embedded KM look like?

Favorite Embedded KM is as normal as any other embedded work practise, such as budgeting or time writing. People often ask “what does embedded KM look like? The answer is that it looks like any other embedded management discipline. It’s a work habit – something you dont think twice about.

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Shared by Nick Milton July 12, 2018

How to embed knowledge activities into organizational process

Favorite Another post from the archives – this time on embedding knowledge activities into organisational process One of the aims of Knowledge Management Implementation is to develop and embed a Knowledge Management Framework, including building KM activities into business process. I thought I would expand a little on how to

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Shared by Nick Milton May 17, 2018

The 5 ways in which KM becomes embedded

Favorite There are 5 ways in which KM can be embedded in an organisation. Some of these are more common than others, and to fully embed KM can take over a decade. The most common ways of embedding KM, from the Knoco 2014 and 2017 surveys I often have people

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Shared by Nick Milton April 20, 2018