What is the role of the knowledge engineer?

The Knowledge Engineer is a key role in any KM system where knowledge needs to be computer-readable Engineer by on Roddy Keetch on Flickr The Knowledge Engineer is the key role in any Knowledge Management program that focuses on analysing complex decision making applied by experts, and turning this into

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Shared by Nick Milton June 11, 2020

The 3 main types of KM roles

There are three main types of KM roles in an organition; the business roles with a KM focus, the KM roles with a business focus, and the central roles  .  The business roles are focused on the business outcome which KM supports, while the KM roles focus on the effective

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Shared by Nick Milton March 26, 2020

CKO skills, revisited

In 2015 I published a post showing that a significant proportion of CKOs know very little about Knowledge Management, at least according to their Linked-in profiles. This year I revisited these stats. It seems things have improved a little, but there are still a lot of CKOs out there with

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Shared by Nick Milton March 12, 2020

The Knowledge Manager as Gardener – an organic metaphor

People often think of Knowledge as being Organic, or being an Ecosystem. But what does this imply for Knowledge Management and for the Knowledge Manager?  gardener, Filoli, by David McSpadden on Flickr The ecosystem or the garden is a pretty good metaphor for the world of Knowledge in an organisation.

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Shared by Nick Milton February 5, 2020

How to recruit the experts in support of KM

The Experts can sometimes be resistant to KM, seeing it as a threat or a burden, with little personal reward. How can we address this? Image from wikimedia commons Many clients we speak to are having real problems recruiting the expert knowledge holders to the concept of Knowledge Management. Even in

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Shared by Nick Milton September 13, 2019

Analysis of a strategic KM role description

This post is an analysis of a KM role description, taken from a recent job vacancy, identifying the core elements of a strategic KM leadership role. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC The job vacancy appeared last week on LinkedIn, and is for a Knowledge Management

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Shared by Nick Milton July 24, 2019

The two aspects of the Knowledge Owners’s role

The Knowledge Owner has 2 main aspects to their role, as described below. One of the key tenets – probably the foundational tenet – of Knowledge Management is that Knowledge is an asset to an organisation, and must be treated as such. It follows on, therefore, that someone must “own”

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Shared by Nick Milton June 14, 2019

4 KM team roles – updated example from the US Army

A while ago I posted 4 KM team roles from the US Army, based on their 2012 publication “Knowledge Management Operations”. Here is an update. Lt. Col. Mary Cheyne; the knowledge management officer for the joint operations compound. U.S. Army photo by Barry Wilson The 2012 publication has been superseded

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Shared by Nick Milton April 29, 2019