Selling KM – how to appeal to head, heart, hands and feet

Favorite An effective Knowledge management communication message needs to appeal to the head, to the heart, to the hands, and to the feet of the audience. Here’s how. Communication is one of the 5 tools of KM culture change. Imagine preparing an internal presentation on Knowledge Management to one of

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Shared by Nick Milton January 13, 2020

6 principles of KM communication

Favorite Implementing Knowledge Management is a change process, and change involves communication. Interpersonal communication, by Bovee and Thill, on FlickrUnder CC license Last week we discussed 5 tools to change hearts and minds while introducing Knowledge Management behaviours and culture. One of these tools was Communication, so here are more

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Shared by Nick Milton September 23, 2019

How collaboration can simplify

Favorite Collaboration adds simplicity in a complicated world.  Simplifying through collaboration is the topic of a Ted talk by Yves Morieux, embedded below, in which he gives us 6 rules to simplify work. Watch the talk to get the context, but here are his 6 rules (with more explanation here)

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Shared by Nick Milton August 9, 2019

Creating a communication strategy as part of KM implementation

Favorite This post contains quotes from KM teams about building a communication strategy to support KM implementation KM is a change program, and Communication is one of your most  levers in delivering change. Every KM implementation needs a communication strategy. Here is some guidance on a KM communication strategy, illustrated

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Shared by Nick Milton January 31, 2019

How to talk to the business about KM

Favorite Communicating KM to the business requires using business terms, not KM terms. Knowledge Management is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end, and the end is a more efficient, effective and productive organisation. The senior and middle managers in your organisation are not interested

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Shared by Nick Milton December 7, 2018

The secret to successful KM communication is repetition

Favorite When communicating about KM and its benefits, you need simplicity and lots of repetition! image by Ghozt Tramp from wikimedia commons Are you tired of repeating the same old Knowledge Management message within your organisation?  According to an interesting article from Ramon Barquin and Chris Coleman, you may just have

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Shared by Nick Milton September 19, 2018

Knowledge Management Awards – brilliant Multimedia example

Favorite The link below is to an excellent and high-quality multimedia description of the Knowledge Management Awards 2007 at ConocPhillips, introduced by the Executive Vice President of Exploration and Production, John Lowe It provides a glimpse into how a mature KM program maintains visibility, and recognises the good KM performers.

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Shared by Nick Milton August 6, 2018

When writing about KM, ditch the long words

Favorite Knowledge Management is a simple concept, let’s explain it in simple words. So much of Knowledge Management is about communication; the communication of knowledge, solutions, work-around, tips and hints, the communication of concepts and ideas. Communication to stakeholders is the main thing we do as part of the change

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Shared by Nick Milton July 16, 2018

20 example KM straplines

Favorite What’s your KM strapline? The creation of a good Knowledge Management Strapline can be a small but important step in the communication program that accompanies Knowledge Management implementation and helps drive the accompanying behaviour and culture change. The strapline is an ever-present message in your KM comms. It’s like

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Shared by Nick Milton May 28, 2018