General ignorance and the risks of outdated knowledge

Favorite Knowledge that “everyone knows” but which is quite wrong, it termed “General ignorance” and is a dangerous component of KM.  QI stage-set from wikimendia commons There is a highly amusing TV quiz here in the UK, called QI. One section of the show is called “General Ignorance”, and consists

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Shared by Nick Milton December 3, 2019

The Gorilla illusions and the illusion of memory

Favorite Here is a reprise from the archives – a post primarily about the illusion of memory. The story here from Chabris and Simons raises some disturbing issues about the trustworthiness of tacit knowledge over a long timescale. Gorilla 2 Originally uploaded by nailbender I have just finished reading The

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Shared by Nick Milton December 13, 2018

The impact of the forgetting curve in KM

Favorite We forget stuff over time, if we don’t practice it. What does that mean for Knowledge Management? The human brain learns and remembers stuff, but it also forgets stuff too. We know all about learning curves, but also need to realise there is a forgetting curve. The brain discards

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Shared by Nick Milton April 17, 2018