4 more types of KM plan

 I wrote a blog post yesterday on 4 types of KM plan, and (too late) realised that there were more than 4. Here are another four types.  Yesterday’s blog post mentioned the following 4 types of plan, which are all at a fairly high level of granularity. These are: The

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Shared by Nick Milton September 15, 2020

4 types of KM plan

Knowledge Management plans exist at many scales. Here are 4 of them. KM planning session Implementing KM is a project, and a prject needs a plan. However KM can be implemented at many scales, and many variants of KM plan may be needed. In this post we describe 4 of

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Shared by Nick Milton September 14, 2020

KM plans at NASA

This blog has often argued for Knowledge Management Plans as part of a KM Framework. Here is NASA’s take on the topic. You can find NASA’s introduction to KM plans here. Screengrab from NASA Appel KM toolbox site This document makes the following points: The plan is a requirement for all

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Shared by Nick Milton April 24, 2019