How to build a "body of knowledge"

For any tasks or activities or conceptual frameworks which have to last beyond the limits of the reliability of human memory, you need to start to build a documented Body of Knowledge.  Image from wikimedia commons Using human memory as a long term store of knowledge is a risky strategy.

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Shared by Nick Milton January 24, 2022

Zooming in to knowledge

You know how quickly you can zoom into your house on Google Earth? Can you zoom into your organisational knowledge just as easily? You can browse to your house very quickly on Google Earth. First you find your country,  then your city,  then your suburb or village then your street

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Shared by Nick Milton February 5, 2021

What is a Knowledge Asset?

I have been having some interesting discussions recently about Knowledge Assets. What are they, and what do they look like? Image from “Knowledge Asset” is a loosely defined term, which means many things to many people.  One viewpoint is that a Knowledge Asset is an area of valuable knowledge,

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Shared by Nick Milton June 15, 2020

What is a knowledge product?

The concept of a Knowledge Product is a common one in the development sector, and is used as a label for many types of document.  But what makes a product a “knowledge product”? Many organisations working in the development sector create what they call “Knowledge Products”. The African Development bank,

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Shared by Nick Milton January 16, 2018

Knowledge Assets – the "Knowledge First" format

The way we write reports, especially scientific reports, is not the way we should write Knowledge Assets in a Wiki. Image from MaxPixel I am consulting with a firm which is moving much of its current knowledge into wiki format, on order to take it out of the document library

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Shared by Nick Milton May 17, 2017