7 routes to knowledge acquisition

Favorite Sometimes your organisation needs to acquire new knowledge, new know-how or new capability. Here are 7 ways to approach this. Knowledge Acquisition is a core component of Knowledge Management. ISO 30401:2018 recognises this, and requires compliant organisations to include Knowledge Acquisition as part of the Knowledge lifecycle (Acquisition, Utilisation,

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Shared by Nick Milton February 19, 2021

The 10 myths of creativity

Favorite In his book “The myths of creativity” , David Burkus demystifies the creative process, and explodes what he calls the top ten myths about creativity, based on his research with highly creative individuals and firms. The ten myths are listed and described below, and David introduces two of them

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Shared by Nick Milton February 13, 2020

Six legal ways for an organisation to acquire knowledge

Favorite There are 6 ways in which an organisation can acquire new knowledge  Davenport and Prusak (that classic of the genre, first published in 1998). give six ways of knowledge creation within a company (and by creation, they don’t necessarily mean “creation from nothing” – they mean acquiring that knowledge in-house). There

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Shared by Nick Milton February 1, 2018

10 things a KM champion needs to understand

Favorite Here are ten things a KM Champion needs to understand in order to do their job well. Image from wikimedia commons Understand your roleDiscuss this with the KM team until you have a clear idea what your role as Champion entails. It may contain elements such as the following:

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Shared by Nick Milton October 5, 2017