4 roles for the KM team

I presented this Boston Square last week to talk about 4 styles of knowledge transfer. Here’s how the KM team can help with each.  The Boston Square looks at four modes of knowledge transfer within KM, differentiated by Push and Pull, and Documented/Undocumented knowledge.  Any balanced KM program will address

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Shared by Nick Milton October 26, 2020

5 ways to reconcile the revenue stream and the knowledge stream

There is often  conflict between creating revenue and creating knowledge. Both of these require time, resources and incentives, and so are often in conflict. The problem is that knowledge is the source of future revenue.  Timesheet logo from wikimedia commons Any piece of revenue-generating work can create knowledge as well.

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Shared by Nick Milton July 10, 2020

KM, GDPR and Chinese walls – how to avoid the problems.

Many organisations are concerned about the GDPR and internal confidentiality issues associated with making all documents public and searchable. But KM does not have to work like that. Image from wikimedia commons We often come across concerns of internal confidentiality, Chinese Walls, and now GDPR which can make people reluctant

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Shared by Nick Milton April 12, 2018

Knowledge documents vs project documents

We have been having a discussion in Knoco about the differences between project document output, project knowledge output, and knowledge documents. Here is one way to look at the differences. Every project produces documents as a result of the project workstream. However, as we know, the organisation also needs a

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Shared by Nick Milton April 6, 2018