Beyond SPDX: expanding licenses identified by ClearlyDefined

Favorite ClearlyDefined is an Open Source project that helps organizations with supply chain compliance. Until recently, ClearlyDefined’s tooling only supported licenses that were part of the standardized SPDX license list. Any component identified by a license that was not part of this list resulted in NOASSERTION, which introduced uncertainty about

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Shared by voicesofopensource July 9, 2024

Openly Shared

Favorite The definition of “open source” in the most recent version (article 2(48)) of the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) goes beyond the Open Source Definition (OSD) managed by OSI. It says: “Free and open-source software is understood as software the source code of which is openly shared and the license

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Shared by voicesofopensource April 26, 2024

What does a Director of Knowledge Management for a legal firm do?

Favorite This month there were two “Director of KM” jobs advertised on linked-in.  Let’s see what this job entails. Word cloud from the responsibilities list “Knowledge Management” is a poorly defined term, and Knowledge Management jobs can range from low level data-entry clerks to high level strategic posts, and anything

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Shared by Nick Milton November 2, 2017