The two accountabilities in effective knowledge transfer

Transferring knowledge is like passing a ball – both the thrower and the catcher share accountability for an effective pass. Imagine an experienced practitioner transferring knowledge to a younger colleague or group of colleagues. Who is accountable for ensuring effective knowledge transfer? The answer is that the accountability is equally

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Shared by Nick Milton February 28, 2020

The 6 steps of Knowledge Retention

The Knowledge Retention process consists of 6 generic steps. Missing pieces, by OnePoint services, on Flickr In many organisations crucial knowledge is held in the heads of a few ageing experts, and when they retire, that knowledge is lost. In some Western organisations, with large baby-boomer populations, up to 50%

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Shared by Nick Milton August 3, 2018

How to learn from critical decisions (video)

This video from the University of Bath, UK, shows Joseph Borders describing a varation of the Critical Decision Method. This is a method used to elicit knowledge from an expert, in the context of an unusual even they were involved in, through an analysis of their decision making process. You

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Shared by Nick Milton July 31, 2018

Where should you focus Knowledge Retention?

Knowledge retention can be a massive exercise if not focused. But which knowledge should you focus on retaining? Imagine you are setting up a Knowledge Retention interview with a company expert. This expert has a lifetime’s knowledge which would take an eternity to capture – where do you start? Where

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Shared by Nick Milton September 29, 2017