4 KM team roles – updated example from the US Army

A while ago I posted 4 KM team roles from the US Army, based on their 2012 publication “Knowledge Management Operations”. Here is an update. Lt. Col. Mary Cheyne; the knowledge management officer for the joint operations compound. U.S. Army photo by Barry Wilson The 2012 publication has been superseded

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Shared by Nick Milton April 29, 2019

10 tasks for the KM team when KM implementation is complete

When KM implementation is over, the KM team still has a job of work to do Implementing Knowledge Management is a long project of culture change, and the introduction of a new management framework (roles, processes, technologies, governance).  The Knowledge Management team’s initial role is to design and introduce the

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Shared by Nick Milton March 20, 2019

CKO appointment – internal or external?

A common question when implementing Knowledge Management  – should your KM team leader, or CKO, be an internal appointment, or should you look externally to fill the role? There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, as I explain below. Internal appointment As we have often said, Knowledge Management is a simple

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Shared by Nick Milton March 15, 2019

Knowledge Management career paths

I posted on this blog 5 years ago on the topic of KM career paths, and suggested the following model for career progression within KM, at least within a larger organisation. Image from wikimedia commons Knowledge facilitator or Knowledge engineer. Doing the basic jobs of KM, facilitating meetings, conducting interviews,

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Shared by Nick Milton February 28, 2019

Can you outsource KM support?

Are there any parts of KM support you can outsource? If so, which parts? You have a successful Knowledge Management program under way. All is going well, but you are under increasing pressure with requests from the business, and you don’t have enough resources to respond to the demand. You

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Shared by Nick Milton February 12, 2019

14 tasks for a Knowledge Manager

One in a series of 100 posts about KM roles and role descriptions, here are 14 tasks for a Knowledge Manager Tumyra Byron, Knowledge Operations manager, USAF Courtesy of Rob Dalton, and reproduced from this page on KM4Dev, here is his “Task list for a knowledge manager”. He originally wrote

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Shared by Nick Milton January 25, 2019

How long does a Knowledge Management career last?

KM careers last on average 6.3 years, or else become semi-permanent. For very many years, on Linked-In, I have been seeking connections with Knowledge Managers from around the world, in an attempt to understand the global KM industry a bit better. Recently I have noticed that many of these connections

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Shared by Nick Milton September 28, 2018

Example KM job description – KM advisors at HP

Taken from this publication by Knowledge Street, here is a role description for what is effectively KM Help-desk and support staff – the KM advisors at HP consulting services. This is one in a series of example KM role descriptions on this blog. image from wikimedia commons Stan Garfield describes the

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Shared by Nick Milton August 14, 2018

Practice Owner – enabler or bottlneck?

The practice owner is a key role in a KM framework, but are they a bottleneck on progress? Image from wikimedia commons I was presenting at a client internal conference recently, talking aboutKnowledge Management Frameworks. In one section of my talk, I introduced the concept of the Practice Owner, which I

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Shared by Nick Milton May 30, 2018