The Middle Management layer in KM – blockers? Or enablers?

Middle management can form an almost impenetrable layer to knowledge management in many organisations. Image from wikimedia commons The two main stakeholder groupings for KM are the senior managers and the knowledge workers. The value proposition for the senior managers is that KM will deliver greater efficiency, greater effectiveness, faster growth,

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Shared by Nick Milton September 6, 2021

A useful matrix for mapping senior stakeholders

We know that senior level support for Knowledge Management remains the greatest challenge for KM, and that once established, it is by far the greatest enabler. But how do you gain this support? My Knoco South Africa colleague Ian Corbett uses the matrix shown here to identify areas where KM

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Shared by Nick Milton January 30, 2020

The 4 key stakeholders for Knowledge management

There are 4 main stakeholder groupings for Knowledge Management, and you need to create value propositions for each of the 4.  FIGURE 09.1 Goals per stakeholder, by Jurgen Apello, on Flickr Implementing Knowledge Management is a change process; changing hearts and minds, attitudes and beliefs, and work patterns across the

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Shared by Nick Milton October 9, 2017