How Siemens build Knowledge Assets

Favorite Knowledge adds value when it is current, useful, validated, acccessible, combines knowledge from many sources, and is packaged in a usable format. Here’s how Siemens does its knowledge synthesis and packaging.  Siemens define a knowledge asset as being Validated Explicit knowledge on a value-adding Business processes.  I like this definition, as it

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Shared by Nick Milton January 8, 2018

Fact-checking in Knowledge Management

Favorite Fact-checking is an unfortunate part of political life, but what is its role in Knowledge Management? Image from wikimedia commons and IFLA Fact checking – the act of checking factual assertions in non-fictional text in order to determine the veracity and correctness of the factual statements in the text –

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Shared by Nick Milton October 2, 2017

Knowledge, Justified True Belief, and David Brent’s dance

Favorite If Knowledge is Justified True Belief, then what does “Justification” entail?  A recent New Scientist article, and a BBC charity video, give us some pointers. BBC Comic Relief charity video including Ricky Gervais’ character “David Brent” The April 1, 2017 edition of New Scientist magazine has the theme of

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Shared by Nick Milton April 4, 2017