How Fluor raise the profile of KM – "Knowvember"

Fluor, the construction company, use the month of Knowvember” as an opportunity to publicise KM internally. Fluor are an international engineering and construction company, who have been applying a Knowledge management approach, based primarily on Communities of Practice, for nearly 20 years. And with a long-running program such as this,

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Shared by Nick Milton May 10, 2018

"You are obligated to ask" – Elon Musk’s email

Even in the most progressive organisations, sometimes the boss needs to drive a “culture of asking.” Here is how Elon Musk did it. Image from wikimedia commons Musk’s email is quoted here, and seems to have been sent in response to a dissatisfaction with default communication and knowledge sharing habits

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Shared by Nick Milton February 5, 2018

10 lessons on communicating Knowledge Management

Introducing Knowledge Management is a program of culture change, and Communication is a lever in supporting change. However communication does not always go well, as these ten lessons show. Image from wikimedia commons For all the major Knowledge Management implementations we have been involved with, we try and hold a

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Shared by Nick Milton September 28, 2017

How to use external communications to market KM internally

Your KM communication plan should include external communication, primarily as a way to market internally. Image from wikimedia commons Knowledge Management implementation requires a communication strategy and plan, to help the stakeholders climb the ladder of engagement. One particularly useful strategy is to communicate your KM successes to the outside

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Shared by Nick Milton January 25, 2017