What’s the reporting line for KM in the organisation?

When you are setting up a KM function, where should it report?  Here are some statistics about the most common reporting set-ups. The statistics are drawn from all respondents to our 2014 and 2017 global KM surveys. Any any multiple responses from the same company have been removed from the

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Shared by Nick Milton December 13, 2017

What the NASA CKO said about KM policies

Knowledge Management policies are still rare, and opinion on them is divided. Here is what the CKO of NASA said about the topic. Image from Wikimedia commons Knowledge Management policies are coming. When the ISO KM standard is in place, next year or the year after, a KM policy becomes

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Shared by Nick Milton May 23, 2017

Validation in Knowledge Management

Any knowledge management framework needs to address the issue of Knowledge Validation. I have an old video of Professor John Henderson, where he says “every Knowledge Management system I have seen, addresses the issue of Validation”. Validation means a process to say “this is good quality knowledge. It’s not opinion,

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Shared by Nick Milton February 23, 2017