A simple picture to link KM and continuous improvement

Knowledge Management is the discipline that drives continuous improvement. Here is a diagram that makes this clear We are all familiar with the link between Knowledge and continuous improvement in our personal lives, as demonstrated by the familiar saying “Practice Makes Perfect”. The more we do something, the better we

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Shared by Nick Milton March 29, 2019

"Speed of learning" as a competitive advantage

In today’s rapidly changing world, the speed at which your organisation learns can be a competitive advantage. Spitfies and Bf109 Dogfight, by Adam Purves on Flickr The world is changing, and the rate of change is speeding up. In the past, when progress was slower and the rate of change

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Shared by Nick Milton March 4, 2019

Operationalising Lessons Learned in a small organisation

Here’s a really great video on a small organisation operationalising a lessons learned process The organisation is Boulder Associates, an Architect and Design firm with a couple of hundred staff working out of a handful of US locations. The video was recorded at the KA-connect conference in San Francisco in

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Shared by Nick Milton February 25, 2019

The 4 steps of learning within a project

As a project learns, it goes through 4 stages (see Donald Rumsfeld) I blogged yesterday about the need for knowledge transfer between a project and an organisation. This post goes a little further, and talks about the development of knowledge within a project. The diagram here shows how KM can

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Shared by Nick Milton January 24, 2019

The importance of "learning urgency"

How urgent is learning in your organisation? Image from wikimedia commons When I give my Knowledge Management Training courses, I start proceedings by presenting three stories from organisations who are doing knowledge management, showcasing some of the benefits KM can bring. I then ask the class to discuss the stories,

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Shared by Nick Milton January 15, 2019

The Risk Radar – what could possibly go wrong?

An analysis of your past lessons can be used to create a Risk Radar for future projects. Michael Mauboussin, in his book “Think Twice”, talks about the planning fallacy, and compares the inside and outside view. He points out that people planning a task or a project tend to take

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Shared by Nick Milton October 29, 2018

Why so much knowledge sharing, so little knowledge seeking?

Knowledge Management requires knowledge seeking and knowledge sharing. But why so much focus in internal processes on sharing and so little on seeking? Learning Happens by shareski, on Flickr One of the standard models for Knowledge Management in project environments is the idea of “Learning Before, During and After“. Ideally

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Shared by Nick Milton October 4, 2018